Badmoon Media

Honda Powersports: #BornRebel Austin City Limits Activation (editor) 2017

Growlerwerks Boulder Shoot (photographer) 2017

Joybird Spring 2018 line (studio photographer) 2017

Sea to Summit 2017 line (photographer), 2017

The Sea Has Many Voices sizzle reel (Prod. Tim Zinneman, editor) 2017

Red Bull Insider: Roadshow, PNW & Rockies segment (editor) 2017

Red Bull Insider: Culture Clash (editor) 2017

Red Bull Insider: Be Bold (editor) 2017

Red Bull Insider: Blood Road with Rebecca Rusch (videographer, editor) 2017

Red Bull Shark Tank (editor) 2017

Red Bull Insider: Rampage (editor) 2016

Red Bull BOGFO (editor) 2016 (photographer) 2016

Livenation: Backstage with Citi: Blink 182 (editor) 2016

Livenation: Backstage with Citi: Pete Yorn (editor) 2016

Livenation: Backstage with Citi: DNCE (editor) 2016

Livenation: Backstage with Citi: AWOL Nation (editor) 2016

Livenation: Backstage with Citi: Florida Georgia Line (editor) 2016

Linksoul: Affinita Surf (editor) 2016

Growlerwerks Mammoth Shoot (photographer) 2016

Growlerwerks Big Sur Shoot (photographer) 2016

Just Chill Beverages: various projects (videographer, video editor, photographer) 2015-2016

The Inertia

Creators: Torsten Durkan (videogrpaher, editor) 2017
Creators: Ocean Ramsey & Juan Oliphant (videographer, underwater videographer, editor) 2017
Creators: Cole Christensen (videographer) 2017
Creators: Dave England (videographer) 2017
Creators: Monyca & Ola Oleogram (Videographer) 2017
Creators: Todd Richards (videographer) 2017
Travis Rice Discusses the Fourth Phase Teaser (Red Bull partnership, editor) 2017
Travis Rice Discusses the Fourth Phase (Red Bull partnership, finishing editor) 2017
Leo Fiorivant Plans to Shake Up the 2017
World Tour (Quiksilver partnership, videographer, editor) 2017
Zeke Lau is Ready to Take Over the WSL (Quiksilver partnership, videographer, editor) 2017
The Birth of OneWheel media buy (videographer, drone pilot) 2017
The Self Shape Festival (drone videographer) 2017
Creators: Bird Huffman (videographer) 2016
Headspace: Charles Beckinsale (editor) 2016
Chris Burkard FB Live Interview (Interviewer, videographer) 2016
GROM: Kyuss King (Skullcandy partnership, videographer, editor) 2016
Holy Meola! (Sanuk partnership, videographer, graphics) 2016
Tatiana Weston-Webb is Terrified of Centipedes and Wants to Win a World Title (Body Glove partnership, editor) 2016
Mick Fanning’s Season Off (Skullcandy and Batler Brewing partnership, videographer, editor) 2016
Mark McMorris’ Return to Snowboarding (Skullcandy partnership, videographer, editor) 2016
Red Bull Distance Between Dreams Teaser (Red Bull partnership, videographer, editor) 2016
Quiksilver North Shore House Tour FB Live Event (videographer) 2016
The Legend of the Iron Seahorse ft. Leah Dawson (Wavegarden partnership, videographer, editor) 2016
The Legend of the Iron Seahorse Trailer (Wavegarden partnership, videographer, editor) 2016
Shark Minutes (four episodes, writer, videographer, editor) 2016
Scosche Ojai Adventure (Scosche partnership, videographer, editor) 2016
ESPYS 2016: Getting VR Barreled (videographer, editor) 2016
Heating Up: Soli Bailey on the North Shore (videographer, editor) 2016
Kai Lenny is Bringing the Hyrofoil to New Heights (videographer) 2016
Surfer Pole 2016: How to Throw The Perfect Shaka (videogrpaher, editor) 2016
Shaper Studios FB Live event (director, videographer) 2016
Good Food, 3 episodes (editor) 2016
Zane Schweitzer Wants to Inspire (second editor) 2016
Aerial Wave Reports, North Shore, HI FB Live events (videogpher, drone pilot) 2016
Dr. Christopher Lowe FB Live Event (Videographer) 2016
The Inertia 2016 Sizzle Reel (editor)
How to Make the Ultimate Veggie Burger With Greg Long (editor) 2016
Creators: Kimmy Fasani (videographer) 2015
Creators: Chris Benchetler (videographer) 2015
Headspace: Dane Reynolds (videographer) 2015
Sunny Garcia & Xterra Wetsuits go to Mexico (Xterra partnership, videographer, editor) 2015
The Inertia Anniversary Party 2015 (videographer, editor)
Creators: Kimi Werner (Patagonia partnership, editor) 2015
Creators: Kyle Theirmann (Patagonia partnership, editor) 2015


Ocean Stories: Greg MacGillivray (in progress, writer, editor) 2018

Ocean Stories: Michele’s Magic Carpet Ride (editor, sound mixer, distribution) 2017

Ocean Stories: The Halls (editor, sound mixer, distribution) 2017, Official Selection: The Ocean Film Festival – Australia, International Wildlife FF,

Wildlife Conservation FF, Tacoma Film Festival, Hawaii Shorts Intl FF

Ocean Stories Trailer 2016 (finishing editor, graphics)

Ocean Stories: Wyland (associate producer, editor, distribution) 2016, Official Selection: Tribeca Film Festival 2016,

Sedona International Film Festival,

Ocean Stories: Greg Stone (editor, distribution) 2016, Official Selection: San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival,

International Wildlife FF, Newport Beach FF, Wildlife Conservation FF, American Film Institute Doc Fest, Martha’s Vinyard FF,

Woods Hole Film Festival, Annapolis Film Festival, AmDocs,

Ocean Stories: Greg MacGillivray shorts 1&2 (editor) 2016


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