• Casey here.

    I’m a documentary filmmaker, photographer and video editor based in Playa del Rey, California. As a born-and-bred outdoorsman, most of my content revolves around the natural world and the human connection to it: actions sports, environmental and lifestyle.
    For me, there’s just something refreshing and beautiful about capturing and preserving unique experiences in space and time through the window of a camera’s lens. What feeds my soul is the pursuit of those unique moments. Often times that means exploring the natural world while living out of a backpack and capturing all of that excitement and suffering. That desire to be engulfed in the unfamiliar is always calling at me. It’s a yearning to remove oneself from comfort, because only then does one’s true self shine through. My hope is to help bring you beyond your comfort zone too, and capture your brand’s experience of coming alive.

    Let’s try something new together.

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